The Almalaurea 21 st report on the graduates’ profile in 2018 in Piedmont. The statistic analyzed the performance of over 280,000 graduates in 2018: more specifically, 160,000 bachelor degree graduates, 82,000 master degree graduates and 37,000 single-cycle degree program graduates. 30.0% of the graduates comes from other Italian regions, 6.1% of the graduates is international. As regards the success of university studies as a whole, the average age of graduates is 25.3 years old. The average final score is 101.1 out of 110. 57.0% of the graduates did an internship accepted by their degree course, whereas 13.3% has completed a study experience abroad which was accepted by their degree course. As regards the fulfillment for the university experience, 89.8% of graduates is satisfied, also concerning the relationship with professors and the infrastructures that the university provides.
And how many people would enroll again to university? 73.6% of graduates would choose the same degree course and the same university again, whereas 11.5% of graduate would enroll again in the same university but would change the degree program.
One year after graduating, the employment rate is 78.4%, more specifically 56.4% of the employed considers the degree course very useful for their job. The employment rate of engineers from Politecnico is a record: one year after graduating 89% of them have a job contract with a higher salary compared to graduates from other universities. 73% of the graduates from Università degli Studi have a job one year after graduating. This report awards Piedmont, especially the two universities of Turin with students who have more
stable contracts and significant paychecks once they enter the labour market.