Primo master italiano in Sport Engineering

The II level Master in Sport Engineering will be devoted to creating a new generation of technicians and managers for the European sport industry, in cooperation with the Sport School of the CONI, the Città Studi Biella and the il Johan Cruyff Institute.



4th may 2018, 12 a.m.

Sala Consiglio di Facoltà, Turin Polytech – Duca degli Abruzzi 24, Turin

In order to achieve extraordinary performances, an athlete cannot rely only on their performances but needs the contribution of an entire team and of the most innovative technologies: this is the spirit of the new Ii level Master in Sport Engineering of the Turin Polytech, in cooperation with the Sport School of the CONI and Città Studi Biella, certified by the Johan Cryuff Institute and structured to train the members of a team that is more and more often made also by technology experts.

The Master will be an occasion for confrontation between professionals with multidisciplinary skills: a post-graduation program which has been created from the understanding of the skills, both in the training and in the research, offered by the Turin Polytech in different fields which are linked or useful to sport and which are part of Sport Engineering. This is a discipline composed by different aspects and which requires skills in different fields: from materials science to meteorology, from ICT to biomechanics, from sensors’ development to statistics, from nutrition to sport medicine.

It will start in September 2018 with a deadline for enrolments the 15th June. The Master will be held at Biella in the Modern Città Studi campus, designed by the famous architect Gae Aulenti: the ideal environmental and social context for sport practise with easy access to ski slopes, lakes and trekking or mountain bike paths. A natural theatre in the Pre-Alps of Biella, important for its top-quality textile industry.

The Master will train a new generation of technicians and manager for the European sport industry through a wide training offer in English: 10 courses for a total of 400 hours, based on a modern didactic with a learning-by-doing approach, which will include  activities in the field an in lab; a week in the Olympic preparation centre “Giulio Onesti” of Acqua Acetosa with CONI’s technicians, 550 hours of stage for put into practise the acquired skills, an online-course lasting 60 hours about  “Sport Management Fundamentals”, certified by the Johan Cryuff Institute and 4 top seminar with exceptional testimonials.

At the end of this training, the sport engineer will have developed competences for what regards the equipment, the choice and the development of innovative technical materials, from clothing to sport instrument, in order to enhance the performance of the athletes improving also the safety aspect. Moreover, they will be able to project systems for analysing and managing data in order to help managers, trainers and athletes with better training systems.

The master will be presented the 4th May 2018 at 12 a.m. at the Turin Polytech (Sala Consiglio di Facoltà). The theme “Sport Engineering between didactics and innovation” will be discussed by:

The Sport Delegate of the Turun Polytech Dean Marco Barla

The Director of the Master School Carlo Rafele

The Sport Councillor of the Municipality of Turin Roberto Finardi

The Director of Sport School CONI Rossana Ciuffetti

The President of Città Studi Biella Pier Ettore Pellerey

L’e-learning Director Johann Cruyff Institute, Victor Jordan

The Vice-Director of the Sport Engineering Master Ada Ferri


Sport Engineering between performance analysis and materials development 

Marco Galiazo, Olympic champion of Archery (the athlete’s point of view)

Rossano Galtarossa, Olympic champion of Canoeing (the athlete’s point of view)

Marco Iazzetta, performance analyser- Italian Sailing national-Italian Sailing Federation (the technician point of view)

Alessandro Poggio, international arbiter of Foil and Fencing Trainer of the Italian Fencing Federation (the arbiter-judge pov)

Matteo Moncalero, person in charge for Research and Development of Equipment (the materials’s technician pov)


The event will be moderated by Alessandro Pezzoli, coordinator of the Sport Engineering Master and Meterologist and Environmental Analyser of the Sweden Olympic Comitee-Olympic Swedish Sailing National