The program of 28th edition of the International Book Fair of Turin (14-19 May, 2015), was presented on Monday, 27th April 2015 at 11.30 a.m. in Aula Magna Università di Torino, Cavallerizza Reale, Via Verdi 9, Turin.

The main theme of the International Book Fair 2015 is The Wonders of Italy.
A great number of people are expected to visit Expo Milano 2015, and this seems to be the occasion to reflect about the relationship with our vast heritage.
We are talking about an artistic, architectural, literary, musical, linguistic, landscape treasure related to crafts, design, fashion, cinema, photography and that, with its variety, ended up defining the features and the identity of Italian style.

Germany takes part in the Book Fair 2015 as guest of honour country because of our close collaboration with Frankfurt Buchmesse and Goethe Institute premises in Turin, that celebrates its 60th year of foundation.
For the organisation of the most prestigious book fair of world, this collaboration represents a crucial event for the relationship between the two nations in this very moment when the European scene is facing such a difficult and tense period of time.

This year the new book exhibitors are 80: there are 31 young editors, 50 German editors and in three years there has been an increase of 96% of small Italian publishers.
The hosting region is Lazio and the next hosting countries will be Saudi Arabia in 2016, Kazakhstan in 2017 and Azerbaijan in 2018.

The area Bookstock Village will be present, offering 250 hours of free workshops, as well as Salone Off, that has planned more than 500 meetings throughout the city.

Info and fares: