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Studying in Turin is an excellent choice. Turin offers a wide range of Higher Education courses since its academic poles and post diploma schools are among the most prestigious in the world.






Università degli studi di Torino

Università di Torino is one of the most ancient and prestigious universities in Italy. It was founded in 1404 by the Dukes of Savoy and according to the Academic Ranking of World Universities classification, it is one of the 200 best universities in the world, thanks to the collaboration with local organisations and other national and international research centres. With its 27 departments it includes any areas of knowledge: Bachelor’s degree (first level degree which lasts 3 years), Master’s degree (second level degree which lasts 2 years) and single-cycle degree, Univesities Studies and Graduate Studies.    Website | Contacts





Politecnico di Torino

The Politecnico di Torino can be considered a Research University: its strength is the creation of a study, research and innovation network, thanks to its yearly 800 protocol of agreements with public and private companies or local organisations. Every year 32.000 students choose its courses, masters and graduate studies in engineering and architecture; 15% of University community students are international and the partnerships with other faculties are several in the world and they allow the achievement of a Double-degree program.     Website | Contacts





Accademia Albertina di Belle Arti

Academic degrees issued by accademie di Belle Arti are legally recognised as any Universities degree and they represent the highest level in arts education area. The courses are divided into: 3 years of First Level Higher Education (Alta Formazione di Primo Livello) and 2 years of specialisation. Each course offers core courses, theoretical-scientific courses and a wide range of further activities to achieve 60 free credits.    Website Contacts





Conservatorio Statale Giuseppe Verdi

It is a high-quality education institution in the artistic and music field and it offers first and second levels academic courses, preparatory courses, seminars and masters, meetings and students mobility with other European Institutes. During the training students can be part of Orchestras such as: Orchestra degli Studenti, Orchestra degli Archi, Orchestra dei Piccoli Archi and Orchestra dei Piccoli Fiati, with the Chamber Choir. During the year shows and public performances are organized    Website | Contacts






Turin IED premises belongs to the International Network, it issues first level academic diplomas. It provides with advanced educational courses and Master post-laurea. The main areas are product, transports and interior design, communication area such as photography, advertisement and fashion. Students can be entitled to scholarships, teachers are professionals. Every year events and meetings are organized for new opportunities between students and companies. .    Website | Contacts





Specialised in design and communication post degrees education, approved by Italian University system and by EABHES (European Accreditation Board of Higher Education Schools) in the European system. The Institute is twinned with the French Écoles de Condé. With its collaborations, workshops and seminars, it involves national and international personalities and companies. Teachers are professional and there is an entrance test in order to access to the courses. Every year IAAD offers internal scholarships.     Website | Contacts




Università degli Studi di Scienze Gastronomiche

In 2004 in collaboration with Piemonte and Emilia Romagna Slow food founded a private University in Pollenzo (CN). It is approved by Italian State Government. The purpose is the creation of new professionals in the gastronomy area, in order to work in the production, distribution, promotion and marketing in consortium, in companies of agricultural and food companies or in tourist organisations.    Website | Contacts




Scuola Superiore di formazione Rebaudengo

Rebaudengo Higher Education School is affiliated to Facoltà di Scienze dell’ Educazione dell’ Università Pontificia Salesiana, offers core theoretical, methodological and technical education in different disciplinary areas of psychological sciences. This University is recognized by the Italian Government, it provides with Higher Education University Degrees (Lauree e Titoli Universitari Superiori).      Website Contacts





Scuola Superiore per mediatori linguistici Vittoria

It offers different educational choices in the language area and an officially recognized degree is issues an at the end of the Linguistic Mediation (mediazione linguistica) courses. The courses are aimed to learning and improvement of the languages (written and oral form) special focused on translation and interpreting, also in economic, law and cultural fields.    Website | Contacts