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All the information you need for your stay in Turin: documents to get residence permit and healthcare assistance, useful student information services and info point for disabled people.



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Codice Fiscale | Documents

Fiscal Code

The Codice Fiscale is a code made up of letters and numbers on the basis of your first name, family name, date and place of birth and it is used by the Public Administration to identify the citizens living in Italy.

All those living in Italy need to have their own. The Codice Fiscale is necessary in order to enrol into Politecnico and University, to apply for the residence permit, to open a bank account, to enter into a tenancy agreement, to receive the payment of a scholarship, to earn a salary and carry out other procedures/activities.

In order to obtain your Italian Fiscal Code you will have to go to one of the local IVA Offices, bringing along your passport / Identity Card.

In September the Income Agency (Agenzia delle Entrate) opens a desk at Politecnico for the release of a fiscal code.



Permessi | Documents

Documents you need to stay in Turin

EU citizens and citizens of Norway, Island, Liechtenstein, Switzerland and San Marino

All EU citizens and citizens of these countries, with a valid identity document for foreign travel and issued by their own country, have a short-stay permit in Italy (less than three months). After these first months they must be enrolled in the Civil Registry of the Municipality where they currently live.

Required documents:

• certificate of enrolment to the University;

• fiscal code;

• health assistance insurance;

• family income documents;


Non-EU and non-EU equated citizens

Citizens of non-EU countries (and not resident in Norway, Island, Liechtenstein, Switzerland and San Marino) who will be staying in Italy for more than three months, will have to apply for a residence permit within eight days from the arrival in Italy. Each University has its own Info desk for the request of the residence permit. The application handed in at the post office, “Sportello Amico” it costs about \140 €.

The following documents are needed:

• 2 copies in A4 Format of the passport page with your personal information (picture, name and surname your visa and any other page containing stamps;

• fiscal code in original and copy of it;

• copy of the invitation letter from your University with the course you want to sign up and approved by the Diplomatic/Consular Delegation;

• certificate of registration to the University;

• copy of sufficient family income document;

• health insurance covering the period of stay in Italy, with your name (in Western letters), the type of your health insurance coverage, the validity for “Schengen Area”, minimum coverage of EUR 30,000. The text of the policy insurance has to be in Italian, (or in English, French and Spanish);

• 1 stamp (marca da bollo) of 16 € to buy in a Tobacconist


At the post office you will get a receipt. You have to keep it carefully until you have received your electronic permit residence. The receipt includes a User ID and a password to login to your profile on under the section Foreigners (Stranieri) in order to check the progress of your application. The post office will finally give you a sheet of convocation: you have to report to the immigration Office ( Verona 4, Torino ) to be fingerprinted. Bring with you:

• all the above original documents

• 4 identical portrait pictures

Informations | Ministero degli esteri | Università degli studi di Torino | Politecnico di Torino


FAQ | Info


What are chances for your study career after your residency permit expires,once you’ve got either your 3-year degree, your Master Degree, Doctorate or second level Master?


According to what is written in the legal documents: Circolare del Ministero dell’Interno dell’11 marzo 2009 Circolare del Ministero dell’Interno del 12 ottobre 2009, if you do not work yet, you can register at Centro per l’Impiego for 12 months and send a request for a residency permit for pending employment.

If you already have a hiring proposal, you can request the conversion of residency permit for studies into a job residence permit, by applying at Sportello Unico per l’Immigrazione, which is located in via del Carmine 12, Turin.

How can you request the residency permit conversion?

After obtaining your degree, you can at any time, obtain the conversion of your still valid residency permit for studies into a residency permit for dependent or independent employment, by presenting an online request at Sportello Unico per l’Immigrazione.

How long can you stay in the country, once you have got your new residency permit?

If you don’t have a hiring proposal yet, you have to register at Centro per l’Impiego for 12 months, at the end of which your residency permit will expire, as written in art.22, comma 11-bis, T.U.

There is a dialogue platform, or forum, called Mediato, that connects people to a ASGI experts or lawyers group and answers the questions.

In my opinion, this is a good and effective instrument and it is managed by Ires Piemonte.

This is the website:



Health Services | Documents

Health services

EU citizens

If you will be staying in Italy for less than three months you will be entitled to emergency health care by going to the Pronto Soccorso, Emergency Service of the Italian National Health Service Hospital(NHS). The free emergencies number is 118. If you will be staying in Italy for more than three months you will able to contact a NHS family doctor (medico di base) by submitting your identity card and European Health Insurance Card (or E106 provided by your own country). He can prescribe you medical treatments, tests and every doctor has his own clinic schedules. A full list of NHS doctor is available at the local Health Units ASL (Aziende Sanitarie Locali) and in local pharmacies.


Non-EU citizens

You have to sign up for the Italian National Health Service (NHS) in order to get a total health assistance. You have to pay annual tax though F24 form (post office or bank) and than you can report to ASL (Azienda Sanitaria Locale) where you live, bringing your passport, the receipts in F24 form and the application for the residence permit. You can get more information by visiting ASL website or by contacting EDISU Office of Health Care. Students of Politecnico can also visit this page or contact the Foreign Citizens Office at

You can also choose to buy a private health care insurance. If you buy it in your own country you should meet all of the following requirements in order to obtain your residence permit. It must be valid in the Schengen Area countries (Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Switzerland, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Germany, Denmark, Greece, Estonia, Spain, Finland, France, Hungary, Ireland, Island, Italy, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxemburg, Latvia, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Sweden, Slovakia and Great Britain). A minimum coverage of € 30.000 is required, your name must be written in Western characters along with the duration and type of health insurance coverage. The policy insurance text has to be in Italian, in case of translations, the document must be legalised by Italian Embassy or Consulate of your own country. If you decide to ensure yourself in Italy you can get special fares with these insurance companies INA-Assitalia and Generali Italia.

Free emergency phone number is 118.


SUISM (Medicine centre)

SUISM offers you specialized high-quality preventive, diagnostic and therapy services. Students of Università degli Studi di Torino and Politecnico are entitled to discounted rates. They only have to show their University Card.


Informations Guide to health service | ASL 1 TO health assistance for foreign students




Info | Documents

Help desk


Informagiovani provides you with information about students counselling services, job search or volunteering opportunities, stays abroad for holidays or for European mobility programmes. Alongside with these ordinary activities Informagiovani offers you many other interesting initiatives such as “informative aperitifs” (a useful meeting point to get information), web education courses, expert advices, guided tours and many other opportunities for students who live in Turin. Moreover Informagiovani offers you up to ten workstations to surf the internet for free.

Website | Via Garibaldi 25, Torino Open from 1.00 pm to 6.00 pm from Monday to Friday | Tel. +390114424981 |




This helpdesk offers students with disabilities all information they need in order to make their accommodation in Turin more enjoyable and comfortable. Useful resources for autonomy, mobility, support and services can make easier their university development, sport activities and job access easier.